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How do you... Feb. 18th, 2014 @ 12:44 am
see more friends entries? I've had to problem for some time on LJ but just ignored it. I can only see one entry on my friends page but shouldn't I be able to scroll down to see them? I doubt anyone is going to respond to this but thought I'd give it a go.
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Felt like logging in an entry. Jun. 18th, 2013 @ 05:36 pm
Close to a year since my last post. Not much has changed. Completed two semesters at Edinboro and have 7 classes to complete till my undergrad is done. Did not put in an 100% effort though and my GPA is now 2.79.

I do have a girlfriend now and her name is Nora Schroder. She is a sweet little girl that I think will be in my life for the time to come. We've been dating close to 4 months but have spent a lot of time together. My first real relationship so I'm doing my best to take things slow. She is younger then me. 21 years old and I'm 27 now. My immaturity shows a lot but she is there to keep me in line at times. I love her.

Reading my last post, I laugh. I've been to the gym 4 times since last July. Terrible. I kept eating well but have went off the rails when I moved out of my Father's place back in October. I'm hovering around 280lbs
but I'm just full of excuses. Working part-time means I should be in the gym 4 days a week easy. When will I get back on a good regime again. Gym + Church = a happy me.

I did start going back to church but stopped again a little bit after Easter. My personality is just like
that. Ok, enough time on the internet. I get sucked in too easily.
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Funk Jul. 21st, 2012 @ 05:49 pm
Have def been a funk since Spring semester ended. Only been to the gym once. Cheated eating wise with ice cream and taco bell. My alcohol intake has jumped up. Usually in a month I would drink 2-3 times. Now I am drinking twice a week.

Very glad I got my summer course over with. Got a C+ in it. Could of easily of got a B if I studied harder. 75 credits at Edinboro University. My G.P.A. is 2.96. I really want to graduate with a 3.0 or better. This fall I'm going to have to really crackdown on my internet use.

10 months now I've been at FedEx Ground. I am only part time right now but the job is a challenge and keeps me going. It's a great job to be honest. The hours are brutal working 4 am - 8am, Tues-Sat, but as of now I am about 225 hours away from receiving full-benefits through the company. That's the one thing I got going for me.

Need to start going back to the gym and church. I was in a good groove there for about 5 months. March 2011 I was 385 lbs. Now I am 290ish. Would love to get down to about 250 and work from there.

Ok, LJ, I'm outtie.
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So I got a job @ FedEx Sep. 30th, 2011 @ 06:56 pm
And today I received my first paycheck. Haven't had "real" job in 4 years. Poker was good for income but the online days are over.

feels good man.
Current Music: Rays vs Rangers

School & Weight Aug. 29th, 2011 @ 09:56 pm
3rd year at Edinboro University and really need to step on the gas and get my degree ASAP. I think Decemeber 2013 I should graduate but baby steps for right now.

Today was first day of classes.

PHIL 240

ENGL 101 <---- LOL! Had to drop it last semester for grade reasons and really disliked the professor. My teacher this semester seems like a fine person.

ECON 220

ACCT 215


I weighed myself today and was 330 lbs. Not sure how accurate my scale is but I've dropped approximately 45 lbs since the last time I was at the doctor's (Late April). Really looking forward to cracking the under 300 lbs mark.
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Other entries
» routine
getting in somewhat of a good routine. Gym 3 or 4 times a week, short ddr sesh at the arcade. I've been going out a lot more and that entails more beer consumption but I'm trying to limit it because I'm not a big drinker and beer is bad for you when trying to lose lbs.

I got all my school stuff done and I'm locked in for the fall 2011 semester. 12 credits and it would be sick to get all A's & B's. I applied for extra financial aid and was surprised that I'm getting $2300 extra after tuition is paid :)

I have a job interview today at 3 pm. Been to long since I had a real job, here we go.
» 12 days back home
and I haven't done jack shit. ughhhhhh

going to watch world cup soccer today and more wsop on tv. #ezlife
» 4th of July in Jax
Best 4th of July I've had in a while. Thank you to all the people who made it possible. Was good to go out on a good note for once :)
Friday my lower left back tooth was giving me some pain and I took some aspirin and it went away. But by early sunday morning I couldn't sleep and had to get an emergency x ray and exam on my teeth. Cost me $150 and then got my wisdom tooth pulled for $250. Was virtually painless when they pulled it out but I been on painkillers and antibiotics since and lost track of what day it was laugh out loud.

Since this has happened I've decided to cut my summer short in Jax. Haven't bought my ticket yet but July 6th is prob the date I'm heading back. Oh well, just gonna chalk it up to the game and end this pretty terrible summer.

Plans when I get back to Erie are to get a full/part time job and a gym membership at the YMCA. 5th Semester at Edinboro starts August 29th. CAN'T WAIT!

» 6/6/11
stealing this from miz mak

pit: spent $110 on groceries for myself, my brother, and his roommate who still hasn't got a job since being fired three weeks ago. and I don't think he is trying to hard to find one either because he spends copious amounts of time playing call of duty. I realize he has no job or no money but him losing his job was a big downer for all three of us. Not the way I wanted to start the summer after New Orleans.

Poker in Jax hasn't gone so well. I got 7th out of 38 people in a $150 tournament. Just at the final table I got my money in good 4 out of 5 times and lost all 4 times. To bust out I had AA < KK < A9o, 3 way all in pre flop. 1st place was $2220 and if I win that pot I have all the chips really. Only poker players will understand the paragraph I just wrote but whatever. Looking forward to July because a poker buddy has told me he will starting backing me to play live 2/5 at OP & St Johns poker room. This would be great because I feel like my live game is pretty on. Just need a little lady luck :)

peek: 6/6/11 I started my workout/diet routine. Believe it or not I feel like this life or death for me. Living with my older brother is going to be good because he loves to lift and run once in a while. But I'm taking drastic measures and going to lift 4 days a week and then do cardio the other three. One protein shake a day and I'm going to try to mix in some racquetball/tennis. Usually I am blowing hot air but even my brother says "I'm surprised at how much I've done already". I just have to stick with it. I really have no goal weight because I couldn't care less about a number I'm in it to look better in the mirror.

ok, most meaningful and informative LJ post in years. Don't get used to it.
» i need more lj friends
wow this week has been crazy. Everything has gone to shit since I got back from New Orleans.

- my brother's roommmate got fired. So now I have to come up with rent money, ugh. Thought I would crash here for free and just do chores and buy food, not anymore.

- my older brother is a complete wreck. Dude has way to much on his shoulders now and he's basically a ticking time bomb.

- my best friend in high school got shot three times (in the upper torso) at Hard Rock Casino in Tampa for hitting a cop with a golf cart, he's somehow still alive and I want to go to Tampa for Metrocon and see him in the hospital.

- my mom got divorced after 18 years of marriage and didn't take anything of my step dad's. She is still living with my step dad but has no job no money and she refuses to work as an RN because it puts to much stress on her. That's her main skill being a Registered Nurse that pays good btw and she has been super depressed forever.

Really hoping this weekend goes in a better direction and by Monday I got some stuff straighten out. PZ.
» Department of Justice bans online poker in America
This means I am out of "job"

I only have ~$200 frozen online but good news is I'm getting that back along with my poker buddies who have 5 figs and more stuck online.

Still going to Edinboro. Should be a Junior soon and switching my major from Comp sci to Accounting.

Going to Florida this summer to live with my oldest brother by Philips highway. Might look for some summer work?.. play basketball and shed some pounds.. Grind home games and live 1/2 cash at the OP poker room.
» hello lj
How do I see more entries on my friends page besides one page?

» kid cudi

» I'm loving life

» Fall 2010 Schedule
6 days till semester starts. Going to be commuting 5 days a week with my father's car. Hopefully in the meantime I will finally get my own vehicle.

» Weeeeeeeeeee!

» Oh yeah
I went to Vegas, played in the World Series of Poker, had a ton of fun playing in it. Every poker players dream to play in it. Did not come back a winner but whatever. Trip of a life time. Got approached by an escort, blew her off, felt good about it.
» WC 2010

» It's really been since Xmas since I last posted?
I hardly have time to check twitter/facebook anymore. I sorta don't even bother really. But I wanted to make a post on here. I know people on my friends list probably won't read it because I have gotten so out of touch with them but I like to keep track of where I'm at in life.

So for a 23 year old I'm pretty much a loser in life. But I'm doing my best to turn it around. In less than a month I'll have one year of college under my belt (finally). I'm crushing all my classes right now too. I've been grinding online poker 2-3 days a week and feel like I'm holding my own. I plan on buying my 2nd car ever this weekend and get everything straighten out with that. That will be awesome to have some wheels for next semester. I don't know if I should get a job next semester or not. I really really need to starting working on my weight first or my ass will be dead soon. I'm at my heaviest weight right and it just keeps piling up. I've done cut out all soda and drinking plenty of water but the problem with me is I'm putting no effort into working out. I'm staying in Florida over the summer. Going to really focus on sheding some weight in the hot sun and try to use my poker bankroll to live off and hopefully have a couple of good scores live and online. Well this is the most I've poured out of my brain onto LJ in a while. I'll try to read everyone's posts and leave a comment or two.
» merry xmas and happy 2010
Sick, one more week till a new decade.

I got my grades for college, 3 A's and 1 B

Not really in the xmas mood, went to Midnight Mass with my sister but I really think Xmas is just for the kids in general.

Saturday I'm playing a $330 tournament at the poker room, good luck me!

Might be going to the Capital One Bowl Jan 1st to watch Penn State play LSU, would love to experience that.

New Years resolution = Get a YMCA gym membership and go to the gym at least once a week to get started exercising on the reg.

Peace everyone.
» Will be in Jacksonville, FL Dec 18th - Jan 18th
hope to get to see some familiar faces...

got one final down today, 2 more on tuesday then on thursday is my last exam then no class till January 20th.

and holy cow it got cold as shit here fasttt

i def need to lose some weight, probably a good idea to get a ymca membership next year and hit the gym 4 days a week.

I started watching the anime Initial D again, really puts me in a good mood and is a great show

going to play a lot of poker while I'm in jax, got a nice bankroll, will be able to buy xmas gifts this year, yay

happy holidays everyone
» The Wire --- 100 Greatest Quotes

» oh yeah
college is going good, yeah i'm a freshman still but i got 3 A's and a B for my mid terms.

online poker is going very well too. been on a heater since i got back from california
» Haven't been on here in a while
Just felt like posting this

» hi
sup guys
» Haven't updated this a lil bit
I've had fun in Jacksonville. Staying at my brothers place has been great and we have bonded being around each other. If I was staying at my mom's I'd only see him every so often. I got 2 days left and I'm going to ryan and al's party and then maybe some poker later on who knows. After that going to see my mom one more time than sunday I fly out in the early morning and have to get a bunch of stuff done for college and then Wednesday I'm flying to LA for 2 weeks. And I just found out the fam out there are taking a trip to the Grand Canyon so this should be really fun. Never even been in Arizona I'm sure I'll sweat my ass off. August 8th No Doubt is playing in San Diego for their last show in California and I may or may not be able to go. I don't think getting lawn tickets will be a problem just borrowing a car to get back and forth will. Oh well I'm happy to just visit LA again and see family.
» Sweet

» Jacksonville , FL - visiting July 8th-Aug 2nd
should be a nice vacation from the vacation I'm already on ;p 814-464-7074 to reach me

Please leave your phone number in a comment so I can put you in my phone.

» New Cell Phone number
814-464-7074, gimme a ring

» Read my review of the No Doubt show | 6/13/09 Pittsburgh, PA
I copy and pasted this from a forum I post at

My Review:

My Aunt and I showed up way to late and only caught the last two songs of The Sounds. Paramore definitely had a ton of fans there and their performance was impressive. First time I heard any of their music besides their Twilight video. I got one comment about the forum shirt. Really wish I had pit tickets so I could of met some forumers (pandakb I saw you holding your sign after UIA). No Doubt comes on and the place erupts. I had reserved seats and hopped/sung lyrics in my one place during Spiderwebs & Hella Good and was out of breath haha. Thank god UIA was next. Congrats to Matt Weyl for getting on stage and getting another picture with Gwen. I saw you holding your picture from the HG Tour also, that was so sweet.

So after Ex-GF Gwen says "were going to play a new song" and I lost it when they played DJ’s (Bradleyyyyyyyyyy), I swung my arms in the air and punched the guy in front of me on accident haha, felt like I was the only one that knew the lyrics too. I hope another show gets this treat, My favorite performance on LITTK and I got to see them play it live. Gwen got the crowd into SKOL and it was great hearing her sing it. I totally snanked to Guns of Naravone, great great song to dance to and it would be my dream to get on stage and dance with Tom, Tony, Gabe & Stephen during this. When Running came on I couldn't hold my tears in. I cried with my Aunt because we went to this show in remembrance for my cousin Monika, may she rest in peace. She was the person that got me into No Doubt during TK and she was a Gwenabee herself. Wish you were here girl.

Different People was the crowd pick-er-up-er and really enjoyed hopping with the rest of the crowd. Don't Speak comes on but it was a tad bit windy for my lighter to stay lit, boo. I really enjoyed IML live also. JAG was probably the crowd favorite. The boys in Pittsburgh were weak though when Gwen told us to say I'm just a girl. So on comes the encore (everyone is chanting Let's Get Back!) Adrian & Stephen come out in Crosby & Malkin jerseys, I called that from a mile away :) . S & D performance is to fun live. Last but not least they finish off with my all time favorite Sunday Morning and I nearly sprained my ankle hopping to it, I leave the show sweaty, dehydrated and a experience I will never forget. I am determined to relive this experience so I am getting tickets to Clevland on the 29th and possibly flying out to Glendale, CA in late July to visit family and try to score tickets to a So Cal show. I can't thank No Doubt enough for a wonderful time. Pure Sublime =]

I sit here @ 6 am and the sun is coming up so I'm blaring Sunday Morning :) I picked up the tour poster (orange with a piece bitten off), tour booklet, stickers and wristband.
» .
My Father is having lap band surgery tomorrow in Pittsburgh. I hope he does ok. I get the place to myself for a week. Life changing for him because he loves food more than me :)
» Just cleaned up my LJ a little bit
The only community I was in that was worthwhile was randompictures but it was to much of a hassle going through all those posts a day so I just dumped all my communities.

I am a fan of Twitter but I only made an account so I could follow No Doubt on tour this summer. But now I added Josh and Jenny because they are cool people :). And the only TV show I watch daily is PTI, and they have a twitter so it's cool to catch up on what is going on in the sports world. If anyone still reads my LJ and wants me to add them on Twitter just leave a comment. I for one don't update it daily but I'll throw a random thought here and there. I hardly look on facebook or myspace anymore only if someone messages me on there, so many internetz so little time.
» To new beginnings
I just applied to Edinboro University :)

wish me luck on getting accepted
» No Doubt performs on The Today Show (5/1/09)
After a 5 year hiatus they are kicking off their 56 show tour today!


They perform:

Spiderwebs, Don't Speak and It's My Life

» A quote from the film - Another 48 HRS
"If shit was worth something, poor people would be born without assholes" - Eddie Murhpy
» Real Life Pac Man
and if you don't laugh I'll give you a dollar

» Random fact of the day
April 14th 1998:

Seinfeld's series finale
Frank Sinatra's death
» Can you name the players from the game NBA Jam (Arcade Edition - 1993)?
Fun game


I got 17/54

» No Doubt's Cover of Stand and Deliver (Adam & The Ants) (2009)

» april 8th
and it's snowing?
» (No Subject)

» Gimme your honest opinion of this song

» In recent news
I'm finally taking a break from poker, prob forever. Haven't played in a week and a half, just withdrawed my bankroll off of full tilt poker too. Only like $350 though but hell any money will help out right now. So now I got all this time in the world to do anything I think I'm gunna start hitting the YMCA often and play some basketball for the next couple months. I've talked to my father and I plan on going back to school. (hey better late then never) . I turn 23 this May and I just need to stop fucking around. Like I just wish I listened to people more often instead of being a stubborn person. But you only get one crack at this life so no use in getting mad at myself for what I've done in the past. I wish everyone the best and hope your jobs, life, and families are doing well. I actually might start updating this thing more often to keep track of my life. ight guys peace
» No Doubt Touring in 2009

I'm gunna hit up at least two shows in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, this should be a kick ass show

Any No Doubt fans out there?

» 1979

» hmmmm
randomly just watched the whole season 2 of entourage on OnDemand, good stuff
» (No Subject)

nah but for real

Merry Christmas to all!
» Maria Nelson
R.I.P. 1942-2008

I love you Grandma
» might be old

o im coming to florida monday :)

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